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Who has done their Business Planning for 2019? Really? Why?

I will ask again. Who has done their business planning for 2019? Why? Why not? If you have, please share why you do that and what it looks like. If not, how can I help you do that?

So, the extent of my business planning in years past centered around setting goals. That is a great start, but how do I reach or exceed my goals? I know, lots of questions so far with no clear answers.

Here we go! We need a road map when achieving our goals. Here at Keller Williams Realty, we were fortunate to have Caryn Prall who is a third generation Realtor and top Keller Williams instructor from our Chicago market.

Our Objectives for the day were:

  • Align your thinking with that of a Millionaire Real Estate Agent
  • Create your long term and short term goals and identify the milestones to attain them.
  • Develop a detailed one year business plan.
  • Apply the focus to convert your goals to reality.

Caryn for our purposes was working from the Millionaire Real Estate Agent workbook. We took a look at 6 topics in the book towards business planning.

  • The Economic Model
  • The Lead-Generation Model
  • The Budget Model
  • The Organizational Model
  • Goal Setting
  • Focus

Here is what I know. This kind of business planning and action items will help anyone have success in 2019. Tell us your plan or how we can help for 2019 and beyond. We want to hear from you. Call or email to receive the 1-3-5 & 411 tools. Thank you!

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