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The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017

Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse? Well, I just did! It was pretty cool. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting to observe how nature works. There was definitely a major buildup in the United States for this event. I’m guessing because it is so rare of a sight. Our household started off with a plan. My children’s Grandmother ordered a book on the eclipse complete with viewing glasses. The book prepares you with a full history of the eclipse. The history makes it very understandable on what a miracle of nature the eclipse really is. The book moves on to discuss the actual event of the eclipse and how and where to view the eclipse. We learn how to safely view the eclipse. The book uses phrases such as “the splendor of totality”. We also learn about the Sun, Moon, and Earth. They have a strategy for success on eclipse day. With a subtle transition to the home buying and selling process, I would encourage you to have a strategy for success. Get as much information to make as informed a decision as possible. You will be grateful you did!

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