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Thankful for a Career in Real Estate

This week is when people remember the things that are easily forgotten throughout the year to be thankful for.  Even though we should be thankful year round, I myself, have been forgetful from time to time.  I started this career in Real Estate a year and a half ago after a fulfilling almost 6 year stint in the Army.  I am thankful for my opportunity to serve this great country and sacrifice my time, social life and family life to support a greater cause.

When I started a career in real estate, I never knew how fulfilling this career could be.  I’ve been helping people buy and sell houses for a year and a half and have helped around 50 families do so.  The thanks and gratefulness when you help people solve a problem in housing is beyond rewarding.  People move for various reasons: marriage, growing family, don’t want to rent anymore, downsizing.  Whatever their situation is, we can be there to help them.

A few months ago, I helped a family in their fifties buy the first house they’ve ever owned and they never thought it was possible.  They got done at the closing table and both couldn’t thank me enough for what I had done for them and all of their prayers were answered.  It wasn’t an easy transaction but probably the most rewarding.  This is the week to reflect on things like having the opportunity to help people with their goals and problems.

I am always open to helping people get into this rewarding career in real estate.  Feel free to register on our website and I will reach out as soon as I can to help you get started to fulfill others lives and your own.

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  • Lauren Wyant
    Written on

    Love this! What a great start to an amazing career. Cheers to many more successful adventures in real estate!

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