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Super Bowl Details! Can they help any team?

Okay, so the Super Bowl was a bit boring this year. That being said, like the Patriots or not, we can certainly learn from their success. You may not have a team in the sense that we think of with the Patriots, but are you currently involved in a process for success. I would say most of us are. Job, career, education, relationship, parenting, planning an important event like buying or selling a property? Most of these compartments of our life need support to have them work at the highest level.

DO YOU HAVE A COACH? Coaching in our society can be so underrated. A good coach tends to do many things for us in the process. A good coach should help us set our goals, help us put a plan of action in place to achieve our goals, and keep us on the right path with focus and curiosity. Bill Belichick is that for the New England Patriots.

Are you the quarterback for your team? If so, how are you working on your skill set to lead your team on? With Tom Brady, he apparently understands the need for the right investment in himself over his 20 plus year football career. Through repetition and experience(even while his physical skills may be deteriorating) he continues to perform for his team at a very high level. If you are not the quarterback of your team, who is? Are you supporting that person towards success? If not, why not?

Are you the owner of your team like Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots? He has insured success by putting the right people in the right places. He understands that they can do it better than he could himself. It is a fine line between structure and creativity. I would think good owners allow for both.

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