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Page 50!

As I promised, I’m back to wrap up this book The Miracle Morning! Page 50 is where we left off. Chapter 5 is titled The Sound of Silence and gives us our great start to the day. The author gives us good cues to make your wake up time more successful. Set your intentions before you go to bed so you are thinking purposefully towards morning. Move your alarm across the room so your feet will hit the floor. Brush your teeth right away to get the blood flowing. Drink a full glass of water first thing. Get dressed and sleep in your workout clothes. All great ideas for propelling you to morning success. The books main focus throughout is on the acronym SAVERS. S is for Silence. A is for Affirmations. V is for Visualizations. E is for Exercise. R is for Reading. The final S is for Scribing. Your journey through the book will give you a greater understanding of the Savers Acronym. I would encourage everyone to find this book and use it as a tool for your morning success!

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