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New Years Resolutions

Who likes new years resolutions? Who still commits to new years resolutions? I can’t remember the last time I made a new years resolution. It still must be a popular format for which to promise yourself you will do something good for your life. For us here at Keller Williams Realty and The Littlefield Group, we talk more about year round goal setting and goal completion. We use a tool called the 411. It will break down an annual goal into daily, weekly and monthly tasks to get to your successful result. This will allow you to track your progress for your overall goal. You will see if your daily tasks are supporting your overall goal. If they are not, then what do you need to change for your successful completion of the goal. This is the important part of reaching your goal. What adjustments do I need to make along the way to reach my goal? It is most likely that people who fail at goal completion don’t make the necessary adjustments. They continue to do the same stuff that isn’t working. Or worse, they quit all together. I’ll use the classic example of folks making a new commitment(new years resolution) at the beginning of the year. Working out at the gym! That is a biggie! How many January’s do we see the gym packed with newly committed human beings ready to get in the best shape of their life? Only to have February come and the gym is back to normal. It happens every year without fail.

So I will now use our Littlefield Group team goal for 2018 as an example. Our goal is to help 300 families buy or sell a house in this calendar year. A new years resolution would be a tough way to complete this goal in my mind. Now, with a 411(road map), this goal becomes attainable. Again, the goal being sell 300 homes. Our 411 lists how many homes we must sell each month. Next, we must know how many sales a week. Then we must know what our daily activities need to look like. Our daily activities must support the overall goal. We must track this goal of 300 home sales each and every week to be successful. We must make adjustments every week to be successful.

Please tell us here at the Littlefield Group what your new years resolutions or goals are and how we can help! We would love to hear from you!

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