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Getting your Home Ready for those Winter Months!

Winter is coming upon us and we want you to be sure your home is ready to brave the cold! Here are some tips on getting your house winter ready.

  • Hire a HVAC technician to inspect your furnace to ensure all will operate okay.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan blades to run in a clockwise direction after turning on your heat. This will make your fan produce an updraft and push down in to the room heated air from the ceiling.
  • Clean your gutters!
  • Disconnect all your garden hoses and drain any remaining water from the faucets to ensure they do not freeze.
  • If you have a chimney, have a chimney sweep come out and clean the chimney and vents.
  • Restock any winter essentials like salt, shovels, gloves, and make sure your snowblower is working for those that have one.
  • If your windows or doors are letting any cold air in be sure to seal those to help your heating expenses.


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