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Getting Your Home Picture Ready!

Preparing to sell your home? Well then, let’s make the first impression count!  Online is where majority of buyers are going to begin looking for their next home. Here are some basic tips in getting your house ready for professional pictures.

  1. Thoroughly clean your entire house!
  2. Open the blinds/curtains to let some light in as well as turn on all the lights in your house.
  3. Make all the beds, put away laundry and shoes.
  4. Depersonalize – This is a big one. As a buyer looks at your house you want them to picture themselves living there, not curious about who is there now. That is hard to do when they get distracted looking at family pictures. (This also means take off everything on your refrigerator.)
  5. Declutter – Also a big one! Clear out as much as you can to show all the space your house has!
  6.  Clear all tables and counter tops.
  7. If you have a pet, be sure you put away their dog bed and food bowls.
  8. Remove rugs and floor mats.

Want even more tips? Call us today so we can help you get your home put on the market the best way!

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