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Farmers Help United Way in Champaign County

United Way needs your help!  Conceived in 2014 by Sage Farms in Thomasboro, Farmers Feeding Families (FFF) will have contributed nearly $150,000 to fight food insecurity in Champaign County following the 2020 harvest. Proceeds from the sale of this grain will be donated by United Way to The Eastern Illinois Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Peace Meals, Prosperity Gardens and other local organizations in the battle to fight hunger in our community.  This  year, they will need 6-8 semis (haul from the field to The Anderson’s), 4 combines (2 corn, 2 soybeans) and 3-4 grain carts. Harvest will happen in the next week or so, beginning at noon with a field lunch hosted by United Way with harvest activity to follow. Local media will be on hand to cover the event.  Please check out their website here to contact to help or to donate to the cause!  Thanks to our friends, Scott Williamson and Pete, Marcia, Spencer and Amy Sage at Sage Farms for raising the awareness to us!


Farmer’s Feeding Families

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