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A plug for the good guys! And Gals!

I want to give a huge shout out to the Unit 4 school district and their one to one mentoring program!

I’m quite sure they don’t get enough credit for the amazing work they do. I get it! It is hard to support every single program or charity that is out there. It’s just not possible. And yet, there is something so important with the work they are doing here. I’m talking about kids (the program generally starts at 3rd grade) that are missing some key elements and opportunities in their life. It sounds like a very complicated issue. A rather large mountain of a problem to overcome. But wait! It’s not. Spending 30 minutes of mentoring each week with a child (pretty simple, right?) can be life changing. And I’m not just talking about for the child. You the adult will be forever changed for the better. It is very nicely defined on the website. “Mentoring is about building relationships of trust between a young person and an adult for the purpose of providing support, encouragement and guidance.” I like this. Support, encouragement, and guidance. Couldn’t we all use just a little more of this? I know all of the kids out there could. The author of this blog is proud to be a mentor. The program has given back far more to me than I will ever be able to give. I would encourage any of the readers out there to consider giving a little of your time to this program. You won’t be disappointed. I know the kids won’t be either.

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